Brother’s Bond Bourbon

Co-Founders Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder

Let’s start with the obvious. The most important: This is my story about Brother’s Bond Bourbon. NO ONE has paid me for my blithering testimonial here. I am writing this because I enjoy the product and I think others should as well. I am not a writer. When I write I do so as if I were speaking. I don’t worry about punctuation or proper formation of sentences or paragraphs. My high school English teach, Mr. Mandel, would surely be disappointed in me.

Having met while working on the show The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder became friends. Their characters, Stefan and Damon, were brothers who happened to drink a LOT of bourbon the show. According to the story line bourbon helped to squash their need for human blood (they were vampires after all). When they would get done with a day of work they guys would get together and go out drinking bourbon for fun. One day they were sitting around (somewhere) drinking bourbon and I believe one said to the other something like “what if we could make our own bourbon and sell it?” And the idea was born! When you hear them tell the story they sat around Ian’s kitchen a lot mixing and tasting for many hours on end. They finally got the taste they wanted and I’m glad they found it! Their bourbon is SO smooth! It has notes of banana bread, nuts, fruits, and caramel. It is actually the only bourbon I can stand to drink neat! When it goes down it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside AND most importantly it does not make me cough!

When I got my first bottle I honestly let it sit on the dining table for a couple of days. I knew what the fellas had said about it and all but I’m a picky eater and drinker! When I finally decided to open it and taste it I didn’t sip it. I thought, “go big or go home, heifer!” So I just picked up the glass and drank it down. It went down real smooth like and I then had that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. My dad would have been proud! In his younger days he was a beer drinker and a bourbon drinker, but he only ever let us kids see him drink beer. Growing up in the 60s & 70s was weird…or just our house was. I think was our house. Daddy was Catholic and Momma was Southern Baptist, but I digress. I remember once, about 10 years before Daddy had passed I mentioned to him I was going out to buy a bottle of bourbon as a gift for someone and he was all like “I’m going with you to make sure you get something good” like I had never done this before nor like I didn’t have a husband who was notorious for being a bourbon drinker! But he was Daddy so I just said “come on, let’s go”. We got to the liquor store and he picked out a really nice bottle for a pretty hefty price and he said “don’t worry about, I got it”. We put it in the back of the SUV with groceries and headed home. When we got home Daddy opened the hatch on the SUV (he only ever drove cars) and the bottle had worked it’s way loose on the way home and rolled right out onto the driveway! I’d heard the man cuss before but that day I swore I was listening to myself! He made me get back in the truck and go back up to the liquor store and he went in and bought another bottle of the exact same thing. But needless to say I never brought that story up to him again! Based on his tastes in bourbon, I think he would have liked Brother’s Bond Bourbon.

Speaking of Daddy, I think he would have liked their slogan. Time to Bond. Daddy was one of 6 boys and he loved his brothers. I know his oldest pissed him off on a regular basis, then again they worked together everyday in the restaurant business. Had they had the time to spend time together in their later years, all together, I think they would have enjoyed having something this smooth to drink. Daddy always said family is the most important thing you can have in your life. He’d tell me and my little sister to always take care of one another. He was always there for his brothers when they needed him. He was always there for me and my sister, and my husband (he loved to get Lee drunk) and of course my mother (who did not drink). I suggest that you pick up a bottle of Brother’s Bond Bourbon today and share it with those who are important to you, it is Time to Bond!